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Esophagospasm, or in other words spasm of the esophagus, is a disease that from time to time causes a failure of peristalsis, i.e., an increase in pressure and spastic contractions of its walls occur in the lower esophageal sphincter. The diagnosis is made on the basis of valacyclovir pills , which include: pH- and manometry of the esophagus, radiography, endoscopy. Often in practice there are two types of spasm of the esophagus. The following variants of esophagospasm are known. Idiopathic, often called primary - organic changes in the nervous system. Reflex, or otherwise secondary - isa companion of ulcerative lesions of the digestive organs, hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm, cholelithiasis, i.e. those pathologies in which the mucous membrane of the food tube is affected.


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In medical practice, there are other types of spasm of the esophagus. Spasm of the esophagus also occurs with other anomalies. For example, as a symptom, it is observed in tuberculosis, syphilis, scarlet fever, inflammation of the pleura or aorta. Esophagospasm during pregnancy. During the waiting period for the baby, the appearance of spasms in the esophagus, the causes of which will be discussed below, is quite common. Despite the fact that bearing crumbs is a natural process, in some cases, pathological conditions may occur. A change in the position of the diaphragm and hormonal imbalance contribute to buy valacyclovir online of food in the esophagus and provoke vomiting.


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The occurrence of GERD is influenced by a malfunction in the work of the muscles of the stomach and motility of esophageal contractions. In addition, as a result of the increase in the acidity of the digestive juice, which is characteristic of this period, acidic contents are thrown into the esophagus, causing its chemical burn. In practice, esophagitis occurs in every fifth pregnant woman. clinical picture. Often, spasms occur at the exit or inlet of the esophagus, since there are many nerve endings in these places, and they are the first to respond to buy valtrex online.



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Esophagospasm occurs periodically before becoming stable and is associated with overwork, fright, nervous overexcitation, fever, or lack of sleep. The disease becomes chronic when the vagus nerve is inflamed, the nerve endings located near the esophagus are affected, there are CNS disorders, i.e., there is constant pressure on the muscles of valtrex pills. Dysphagia occurs when both solid and liquid foods are consumed. It appears immediately with pain and has an irregular character. Heartburn occurs in every fifth individual. Severe spasms and a large amount of food coma in the esophagus provoke regurgitation.


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